Haddenham Ceilidhs & Concerts

A Bit of History

Before Haddenham Ceilidhs...

John Heydon lived in Harrow and organised the Herga Folk Club. The Club diversified, formed a morris dance side and started to run ceilidhs on the first Friday of the month in Pinner. John moved to Haddenham in 1971 but continued running the Pinner Ceilidhs to 1974 and the Herga Folk Club to 1989.

It was when John moved to Haddenham that he discovered Haddenham Village Hall and thought
"WOW, What a venue for ceilidhs!" and started a monthly series. They have continued ever since.

Haddenham Ceilidh painting by Penny Heydon

"Haddenham Ceilidh with Hugh Rippon"
by Penny Heydon. The original was presented
to Hugh Rippon in June 2012

The Haddenham Ceilidhs Timeline

But all good things must come to an end

We have had a great time over the last 45 years. It was quite an adventure in starting the ceilidhs on a regular monthly basis in December 1972. The ceilidhs in Pinner were still being run on the first Friday of the month and it was on these ceilidhs that the formula was set.

We catered for those both young and old. The continuity of a regular date and venue, keeping the atmosphere informal but always starting on time and using good lively bands that played good tunes ensured successful evenings. Although dancing was the main part of the evening, we were pleased that we were able to give people a breather with displays of ritual dancing and an opportunity to hear some of the best folk singers and the musicians in the country. For those wanting a longer breather, the Walter Rose room was available for an acoustic concert.

The organisation was run on a totally voluntary basis and any profits generated from the bar and other activities helped ensure the continuity of the ceilidhs.None of this would have been possible without the support of all our helpers who ensured everyone had a great evening. Without them, there is no way the ceilidhs could have survived for 45 years. Thank you everyone.

John Heydon